Spring Partners offers a rich and diverse range of legal talent, providing its clients precisely the specialized expertise and experience necessary to balance stakeholder interests and find win-win resolutions to potential and fully-blown disputes. Like its clients, Spring Partners is also wired into interactive webs, and can easily draw upon networks of other qualified specialists, ensuring full and complete analysis of issues, as well as savvy and optimal solutions to business problems.

Even as the power of technology is harnessed to improve the lives and well being for one and all, the pace of innovation has increased to a point where the world truly changes from moment to moment. Natural outcomes of such continuing radical transformation include an astonishing increase in global interpersonal communications, complex intercultural relationships whose value grows daily, as well as a need for interoperability between diverse and complicated systems around the world. Such wonders also present a growing frequency of challenges, including some unthinkable only a few years ago, creating a need for legal counsel to be able to anticipate and avoid potential disputes at every turn, to ensure business success.

Spring Partners not only provides speedy advice keenly tailored to the needs of clients, but also carefully nurtures relationships, resulting in associations with clients that last for many years. Included among the many legal issues on which we advise are the full range of corporate governance and leadership issues, as well as developing highly refined legal agreements and other documents, and providing other consulting and legal advice, including, should the need arise, litigation.

We have been pleased to assist growing numbers of overseas clients who have retained us to assess the viability of Japanese markets. In addition, our firm provides internships to assist young attorneys seeking practical experience to learn about the overseas legal system and business practice to better prepare them to advise clients on international business issues and to communicate with overseas lawyers, as well as to have more solid groundings in the cultures and business styles and legal systems of overseas countries. We draw on these and other experiences to explore ways to provide new types of legal services, maintaining a continually proactive posture toward our clients and their business and legal needs.

As a full-service business law firm, we maintain an optimum size to allow us to be highly responsive to the quickly-changing needs of our clients, who are often involved in highly changeable and even volatile global markets. We remain ready, willing, and able to prepare plans and legal documents to implement strategies, projects, and plans for companies in all industries, including, but not limited to, finance, equity investment, real estate development and transaction, manufacturing, wholesale and retail, medical and social welfare, education, and information technology and other forth industry.

The breadth and depth of our knowledge and understanding of business practices and transactions unique to different industries enables Spring Partners to advise companies expanding businesses, reinventing businesses, as well as fledging startups and new ventures. And, as our name also indicates, we have been developing and ready to assist companies seeking especially creative means to raise financing for new projects and investments, and new products and services.

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January 2008